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Business Management Fundamentals

The future for small business managers.

Build a Better Business with a Solid Strategic Plan.

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Working one-to-one with business owners and developing Organizational group settings to bring resources to the small business community, Tara strives toward her mission: to support business owners with strategic, wise, and authentic planning that adds value to businesses, owners, and communities in equal measure.

MODULE 1: The Strategic Plan
MODULE 2: Operations, Marketing and How They Support the Strategic Plan
MODULE 3: Best Practice: Budgets Financial Planning and Essential Administration
MODULE 4: Risk Assessment, Analysis, Management and Planning
MODULE 5: Adding Business Value—Plan for Success

Business Planning is an Art

In the Art of Planning, we are challenged to imagine our future, and the future of those who will benefit from our ideas, our research, our thoughtfulness, our passions, and pursuits…our business…

I invite you to consider, as we go through this course, the businesses you have loved, and those that you have sought to improve and consider how you would creatively and artfully plan your venture or set out to improve the plans and systems of others. Small Business Management is fun, creative, challenging, and ultimately, what you make it. Seek to learn from the lessons of others, and your own, take many notes, ask numerous ‘ridiculous’ questions. This is the way of creative learning, and it will take you to great places in work, life, and business.


Tara L Christensen – Judson | TL Consulting INC

Download our Business Management Fundamentals brochure.


Planning, managing, & growing a small business

Learn the essential pieces in planning and development strategy that create value, opportunity, and success to the business you manage.

Our course has been created with a lens of small business in rural, and remote town and cities across Canada.

Plan. Plan Well, and Plan Often.

  • meet business goals

  • support operational implementation

  • create marketing plans with a purpose

  • assess and manage financial responsibilities,

  • engage the idea of risk and risk management, and

  • build an understanding how planning adds value to a small business venture, or not for profit organization.

Add value to your work and business.

Author Tara L Christensen-Judson is the founder and principal consultant for TL Consulting INC, a business development & program management incorporation that supports small businesses and organizations by developing individualized programs for small business and economic development. 

The Power of Planning

You already have every characteristics necessary for success if you recognize, claim, develop and use them…


Zig Ziglar

Satisfied Clients are saying:

The Business Management Fundamentals course has given me a good understanding of the essential elements of a Strategic Plan, together with the detail and scope of content required. I will certainly be able to use this in my future business planning, and submission of Business Plans and Funding applications for loans etc. It will also feed into ongoing analysis of the success of the business!


Really enjoyed Tara's friendly and informal style; she gave great feedback, and lots of good examples to draw inspiration from.

~Nancy Roach, International Documentary Film Maker
Vancouver Island, BC

Business Management Fundamentals is a very practical complement to the [Digital Design] program at NIC. I will be utilizing the information as I move forward with my venture. Five weeks is a skim, but Tara makes [Business and Strategic Planning} approachable. A feat in itself!


Thank you, Tara, for helping me make some decisions about my business and future!

As a pragmatic person this has helped with the Gordian knot that has been sitting in my brain for too long.

~Betty Carlson, Artist

Malcolm Island, BC

I am very grateful for the opportunity I've had being part of the Business Management Fundamentals course.  This program in a short amount of time provides a solid knowledge base to develop a small business from. I feel much more prepared, confident, and positive in my ability to be a small business owner than I did before as well as discovering new skills that I really enjoy.


Tara is a wonderful Mentor. She shares her wealth of experience in a fun and engaging manner. Her passion and energy shine through and she inspires a positive and practical mindset.


~Amy Spear, Business Owner Comox Valley, BC

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