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Service Offerings:

TL Consulting provides tailored packages and one to one consulting

for Small Business Owners in the following key areas:

TL Consulting Business Services:

Business Plan

Strategic Business

Management + Planning


"[Tara] has given me a good understanding of the essential elements of a Strategic Plan, together with the detail and scope of content required."

~Nancy Roach, International Documentary Film Maker
Vancouver Island, BC



At TL Consulting, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve both short and long-term success through effective Strategic Management Support and Actionable Planning that helps drive business towards goal fulfillment and success.


We know that every business, and every business owner, are unique and that the best way to achieve success is by developing a tailored approach to management that serves specific client needs in both work, and life.


Tara is dedicated to working with clients to create and execute effective strategies that enable their success, and bring them closer to the freedom, and fun of operating their dream business.

Trust, transparency, and value in our service are the pillars of our success and ensure that every client engagement is authentic, personalized and provides a strong basis for long term client relationships.

Please review our services below and reach out to see how we can best serve your business needs =) we look forward to working with 

Strategy + Action Plan

tailored just to you, and your business needs

"Thank you, Tara, for helping me make some decisions about my business and future!

As a pragmatic person [you] helped with the Gordian knot that has been sitting in my brain for too long."

~Betty Carlson, Artist

Malcolm Island, BC


Stuck? Not knowing where to put your time, energy and money in starting, growing, or shifting your business? 

You've got this far with your dream venture.. creating and nurturing your baby into start, grow, or pivot what? 

You have a deeply motivating 'why' and you've determined NOW is the time to make a shift out of the office and into your dream business ... but ... you're unsure of what to do next?


Change, big or small needs scaling, planning, and execution at new levels. It can feel overwhelming, and truly adds to your daily grind... while possibly falling outside your comfort zone, or area of expertise... 

This is where we come in!


We are pivot pro's happy to help with the heavy lifting of business development and planning with the strategies you need to develop, manage, and grow your dream business. 


With over 2,500 businesses helped, 20 years of small business management experience, and 10 + years of direct small business consulting and support ~ I've got you!

I'm here to get your business into thrive position!

Let's connect and discuss your business goals, budget, and how you feel I can support your business in achieving your entrepreneurial goals.

Book a New Client Complimentary Consult with me today...

Let's get to work!

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Outdoors Meeting

Retained Business Advising, Management Consulting & Coaching:
‘ad hoc and on tap’

"Tara and I have collaborated on several iterations of business plans since 2010 – all of which turn to Gold!"


I have retained Tara’s services for many years now as my primary consultant in planning and management support

Autumn Lestage | Owner

Natural Evolution 

Parksville, BC

There is something to be said for having continual access to a good advisor on the road of business. At an Organization, you get a board of directors to share ideas and gain advising... as such, every small business owner can greatly benefit from a small business focused consultant to support their entrepreneurial success.

But, at times, when we really need the help, they're all booked! Solve this problem and secure priority access for consultation and management support by retaining Tara. With a regular balance in your consulting box, I can show up like a Genie (well, an advanced booking Genie anyhow) to prioritize your business wishes.

  • Great for busy owner/operators wanting to secure ongoing business advising in new, existing, or pivoting business.

  • Supportive for those having challenges outside of business and are needing some real management support over a specific time period.

Retained Services are offered in the following monthly packages:

Hours per month:

  • Billed monthly & booked weekly, your retained services include: consultation and follow up Analysis + Action Plan

Monthly Packages:

  • ​Advanced booking for 3, 6, or 12 months in management support, analysis, operational + risk and financial monitoring, employee management + training 

  • Weekly, or monthly hours budget to be determined in initial consult ​​


Retain our services to keep you moving toward your goals and creating systems that help you achieve them. Let us help your business move forward with measurable growth that suits you, and your life.

Book today for an Chat:

Business Building 
Workshops + Training 


During our work together, Tara was leading the business recovery programs to provide assistance for impacted small businesses offering much needed support needed to rebuild communities. 

Jon Jackson 


Organizations focused on Economic Development in the Small Business Sector are often left with aged out info and workshops that aren't really hitting the mark for today's complex market, AND complex and creative business owners and entrepreneurs!


TL Consulting Inc's workshops are developed with today's small business entrepreneur in mind. We focus on digging into core work in planning, managing, and growing a small venture in todays natural, economic, and personal needs focused small business climate. 

Through our workshops, business owners and managers, both seasoned and new learn the essential pieces in planning and development strategy that create value, while bringing opportunity, and success to the business you manage.

If you are a small business focused organization - talk to us about working with your local small business sector. 

We have developed numerous partnerships in training - please see our projects and courses page to get a feel for what we're creating, and when you're ready to discuss how TL can support you, in supporting small biz...

Connect with me to see our projects and discuss how I can support yours.

Book today to discuss your next project plan...

Business Presentation
Image by Razvan Chisu

Create Your Biz Plan 

Tara is approachable, helpful and deeply benefits businesses in their planning process, and in creating efficiency by getting everything down on paper in a logical, illuminating and functional format. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Fern Foster 

Fern Forest Coaching, Vancouver Island, BC

Business planning is ... well, it's an art really. We need to envision a reasonably accurate idea of where we are, where we are headed, what we are headed to, how we get there, and what resources we need to go the distance.  

You may be hitting the ground running in a new venture, or, pivoting something already in the works and for whatever reason... you now need a business plan. Written, formatted, and delivered.

TL's business planning service works to create the level of plan that you need and will introduce you to aspects of planning your business that provides built in resilience. 

A risk management and pivot specialist with excellent planning skills makes me the ideal person to get your ideas down on paper to secure your next development loan, investment, or master document. 

Planning might not be your jam... I can help you there. 

Ready? Let's get to work! 

Connect with me today to discuss your plan:


Good People Saying Good Things.

Tara and I have collaborated on several iterations of business plans since 2010 – all of which turn to Gold! I have retained Tara’s services for many years now as my primary consultant in planning and management support from Succession planning in the sale and transfer of my Qualicum Beach Salon to the development and ongoing growth of Natural Evolution Hair Studio - a full service sustainable salon that creates beautiful hair using the highest quality natural professional products.


Through each shift and change, Tara has been there to work with me one to one, ensuring my business has practical, meaningful, and personalized consulting that benefits my business, my staff, and myself, as the business owner.


Tara and I have both a great friendship and working business relationship – a rare and pleasant treat. I highly recommend Tara and TL Consulting Inc for knowledgeable and practical business support for your venture.

The Building Blocks to Business ...

More Good Things . . .

Tara Christensen's passion for Small Business Management and service to her clients makes her a powerful and knowledgeable asset to any Small Business owner at any stage of development.


Tara is approachable, helpful and deeply benefits businesses in their planning process, and in creating efficiency by getting everything down on paper in a logical, illuminating and functional format. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Fern Foster



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